In the China field site, a WeChat mini program in Chinese was developed in February 2023. Given the importance of WeChat in everyday consumption, this idea replaces the visual essays in other field sites. The program outlines several findings on consumer culture, focusing on different countries. The introduction provides background information, research questions, and the researchers involved, which outlines the project’s aim to study consumer culture in Rio de Janeiro, Metro Manila, Mexico City, and Guangzhou. Each country will have a dedicated section with specific topics and references. The Philippines section will cover popular entertainment and consumption practices like male skin-lightening and fast food. The Brazil paper will explore the impact of consumption among the poor in the context of neoliberal policies. The section on Mexico will discuss the socio-economic context and the effects of the pandemic on creative workers. Lastly, the China section will examine the phenomenon of “pet slaves” and their relationships with companion animals. The conclusion will offer insights into poverty and class in cosmopolitan China, drawing from observations in all the field sites. Each section has a word limit of 2000-2500 words and specific deadlines for completion.